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Character Descriptions

Sebastian Graves –  Male, African American. Well built. Late 50’s-early 60’s. Producer of reality dance competition “The Last Dancer Standing” Owner of Graves Cable Network.  Charming , strong,  and arrogant boss. What he says goes. Also a judge on the panel. He’s the Simon Cowell of the group.

Justin Paul – Male, African American. Well known R & B superstar (Usher/Chris brown esque) who dances well. One of the three Judges on the panel. He is head over heels for the host Radiant Michaels.

Launa Marie Hamilton – Female, African American. Broadway Diva with an outstanding career as an actress, singer and Dancer. She’s also a choreographer and a champion of the dancer. The Paula Abdul/Debbie Allen type. She is a  judge on the panel. Very out spoken and a no nonsense type of gal.

Radiant Michaels – Female,  African American.  Actress and Singer who is the host of “The Last Dancer Standing” show. Full of personality. She is being pursued by Justin-Paul but she is not feeling him.

Raymond Murdock – Male, African American. Show contestant.  Street performer.  Must have some tap, tumbling and hip hop experience. Hyper masculine and homophobic. He has a very hard exterior but throughout the story we find out he is a great guy, he is the childhood friend of Justin Paul.

Nikita Harris – Male, any ethnicity.  Show contestant who is openly gay and slightly flamboyant in his personal life, yet very kind. Must be a strong modern and hip hop dancer.

Judith Mitchell –  Female, any ethnicity. Phenomenal plus-sized dancer.  Must have lots of personality and strong modern and hip-hop ability.

Evette Michaels  – Female, African American.  Radiant’s mother who is a silver fox. She is confident in her mid sixties , funny and wise. She doesn’t take life too seriously.

Ensemble Dancers/Singers- Male/Female. Any ethnicity. 16+

Non-cisgender artists strongly encouraged to audition.

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