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Black Ensemble Theater knows our schools and the way students learn have drastically changed. We also know the importance of field trips, the arts and student engagement beyond the four walls of schools!

Due to COVID 19, students cannot join us at the theater, so we are bringing the theater to the students with our virtual field trips. We are offering the same quality of inspiration, education and entertainment for individual classrooms or the entire school!

Plays With A Purpose is a series of interactive musical plays designed to teach elementary school children positive life lessons. Teachers are provided with workbooks and activities to reinforce the lessons taught in the plays.

To make our virtual field trips accessible for all, we are bringing Plays With A Purpose (PWAP) to you, all year round!  We are making it affordable and easy for your entire school to access.

For more info or to book your group, contact Elicia Golden-Best at 773-754-3939. Or contact us using the form below.

BE a part of Play With A Purpose

Fun, Enlightening, and Educational musical productions that teach positive life lessons and values for the purpose of instilling growth and development in our audiences.

2021 Season

Remus and the Black History Museum: 2021 (Grade School)

February 22 – June 30

Urban Love Story: 2020 (High School)

 September 13 – December 31


Thank you to our generous supporters