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     Black Ensemble Theater 2022 Season Non-Equity audition notice

The Black Ensemble Theater will hold its non-union general auditions for its 2022-2023 season in person on March 7th 11am-4pm (timeslots only)

All Rehearsals and Performances are in the 2022 Season

Requirements: Full song of actors choosing of the following genre:

Jazz, Blues, R&B

( accapella is fine, accompiament will not be provided)

Requirement: 1 minute contemporary monologue of actors choosing

Please slate name, song, monologue, particular show interest or general

Send Headshots and Resume’s to:



All rehearsals and performances will be held at The Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center 4450 N Clark St. Chicago, IL 60640

CAT 4 Equity contract: $638 per week; Non-Equity $350 per week


“Grandma’s Juke Box”

Written and Directed by: Michelle Renee’ Bester

The spirit of Grandma B. lives on!  Without her the family feels lost until they start playing her old jukebox. It is through the music from the jukebox – that helps the family to understand and accept the power of healing.

First Rehearsal: April 26th 2022

Previews: May 21,22,27,28

Opens: May 29th

Closes: June 26th

Jessica (female identifying)(Black/African American)(mid 30s) – The oldest grandchild and would like to believe she’s the most responsible but really everyone just tolerates her. Her problem: she’s married but spends more time at work that her husband cheats on her and everyone knows. She’s too scared to be alone and be judged. She’s too focused on her life checklist which includes accomplishing as much as possible before she’s too old and sick or dead. (parents died young)


Chris (male identifying)(Black/African American)(late 20s, early 30s) – The cousin everyone loves but is likely to end up in dead or in jail because of the life he once lived. He’s actively working to change it and Grandma B was his biggest advocate. He doesn’t trust in his family and after her passing, he starts to think his old life may be all he’s good for since it comes to easy to him.


Parker (female identifying)(Black/African American)(early 20s) – The baby who everyone loves but also shields from everything. When she began to become rebellious, grandma recognized it and stopped it. She empowered her with music and finding her own voice. She’s hurt the most by the passing of grandma because she never got to say goodbye because she was at an audition to showcase her poetry and singing (finally proud of the voice she’s developed). They had a very special relationship, and she now refuses to speak. No one knows what will help or what to do so they ignore or pacify the situation whenever she’s present. Her problem: will she ever use her voice again or stay quiet forever?


Mikey (male identifying)(Black/African American)(mid 20s) – The goofy cousin. All he ever does is joke and play but grandma knew it was to hide a deeper issue. He was molested as a child by his father, but grandma and granddaddy took care of that. Grandma raised Mikey to be the best young man who never feared facing the tough things. His problem: will he ever be able to heal from his trauma or continue to hide behind the jokes that he makes of his life?


Richard (male identifying)(White)(30s) – The family consultant, an awkward white guy who wants an invitation to the cookout. He can never read the room, handles all of the family business


“My Brother Langston”

Written and Directed by: Rueben Echoles

We are in the apartment of Langston Hughes where he entertains prolific and profound legends of the time. On this fascinating journey, accompanied by outstanding music from the Harlem Renaissance, we come to understand why Langston Hughes was considered one of the greatest poets and civil rights leader of his time and why his poetry continues to speak to us today.


First Rehearsal: July 12th

Previews: August 13,14,19,20th

Opens: August 21st

Closes: Sept 18th


All roles are singing roles

All roles require strength in prose


Langston – Langston Hughes – African American, male identifying singer, actor, who moves extremely well.


Woman 1 – African American must be able to play mature male and female identifying characters especially Langston’s mother and Zora Neal Hurston this is a singer/actor role with minimal dancing.


Woman 2 – must be able to play young male and female identifying characters as well as people from all different ethnic backgrounds with RESPECT. This actor must be able to dance very well.


Man 1 – African American must be able to play mature male and female identifying characters especially James Baldwin. This actor must be able to move well.


Man 2 – any ethnicity must be able to play young and old characters, must be able to play both male and female identifying characters. This a dancing role.


“Blue Heaven”

Written and Directed by: Daryl D Brooks

We are in what looks like a performance venue where four great blues legends Big Momma Thorton, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, and Stevie Ray Vaughn are reminiscing about the ups and downs of their careers while waiting for the “new guy” to show up. They are eager to give him advice about meeting – ‘The Boss.’ The new guy – B.B. King – arrives and what ensues is a blues concert that is heaven sent!

First Rehearsal: September 26th 2022

Preview: October 22,23,28,29th

Opens: October 30th

Closes: November 27th

All characters must be able to sing

Howlin’Wolf (Male Identifying)(Black/African-American) (Mid 30’s-Early 40’s)-Howlin’Wolf  historical Blues Legend. Must be able to play moderate guitar and possible a bit of harmonica

Big Momma Thorton (Female Identifying)(Black/African-American)(Mid 30’s)-Big Momma Thorton historical blues legend. Bluesy and Brassy tone

Stevie Ray Vaughn-(Male Identifying) (Caucasian) (Mid 30’s)-Stevie Ray Vaughn historical blues legend. This character MUST BE EXCELLENT GUITAR PLAYER

Muddy Waters (Male Identifying)(Black/African-American) (Mid 30’s-Early 40’s)-Muddy Waters historical blues legend Must be able to play moderate guitar

B.B. King(Male Identifying)(Black/African-American) (Mid 30’s)-B.B. King historical blues legend Must be a decent guitar player.