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It has come to my attention that there are thoughts in the community that Black Ensemble Theater has started demolition on the Japanese American Service Center (JASC).  I want to dispel that thought.  There is no demolition or construction of any kind going on and it will not commence without proper community engagement and input.  Let me be clear,  Black Ensemble Theater has absolutely no intention of starting construction or demolition of any kind until we have gone through a thorough process of listening to our communities issues and concerns and addressing them as best we can. What some thought was a demolition was not.  We were conducting a geotech exploration  which is a requirement of the City.   We will go through the proper procedures as it relates to the process to be dictated by the Alderman’s office as well as meeting with neighborhood community groups at their request.  We will keep you updated on our website as we move forward and of course, I’m easy to reach at  Let’s move forward together in clarity and transparency.