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Enhance Self Love – Decrease Youth Violence

The Black Ensemble Theater’s educational outreach programming enhances self-love and respect, confidence and positive choices which serve to decrease the violence in the lives of our youth.

We need your support to continue this vital work. 

The decades of neglect are the seeds that sprout from systemic racism which continues to feed the violence in our youth.

This points to the importance of the mission of the Black Ensemble Theater: 
“To eradicate racism and its devastating effects on society.”   
What we are witnessing in our children is the “devastating effects.”

Our Educational Outreach Programs (annually serving approximately 10,000 at-risk youth) are designed to eliminate those “effects” on our youth by helping them to see and understand their innate greatness, by equipping them with skills that help to secure their success in life, by enhancing their self-love and respect while increasing their respect for others.

Furthermore, our programs empower our young people with developmental skills that increase their focus, concentration, memorization, listening, control of movement and emotion. Our youth learn how to solve problems in a positive and productive way while understanding how to calm the conflict that lives within them.

Black Ensemble Theater works holistically, building the mind and spirit of our youth while motivating them toward greatness.
I’m asking you today to please support this important work by donating to the Black Ensemble’s Educational Outreach Campaign. 

All monies received for this campaign will go to directly support our educational outreach programs:

Our youth are the future, and your donation will help them to get there. 

Yours In The Arts,
Jackie Taylor/Founder & CEO
Black Ensemble Theater