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Growing up in the Cabrini Green projects, we were poor, but we never went hungry.  When there was no food, we would borrow from the neighbors in apartment 205, or apartment 207, or apartment 1604 or whoever had borrowed from us the last time they were hungry.  We didn’t have a lot, but whatever we had we shared it because we were in every sense of the word ‘a community‘ and as a community we knew that it was important to help each other.

You are a part of the Black Ensemble Theater community.  And we need your help. Not for profit institutions cannot exist without support from their community.  Only 50% of our budget comes from programming.  The other 50% comes from donations.  Simply put, we cannot survive without community support.  So I’m reaching out to you, my community and asking for your participation in our campaign ’25 dollars and 25 days’ to help the Black Ensemble Theater.

I’m asking you to give $25.00 to help support the Black Ensemble Theater, that’s it, that’s all – $25.00.  You’ve told me how proud you are when you come to the Black Ensemble Theater. You let me know how much you love the productions and that you treasure our educational outreach programs.  This is all part of the important work that we do in supporting our mission of eradicating racism.  Our mission is more vital in today’s world than ever before and we need your help to keep pushing it forward.

Our goal is to secure 4,000 community members to each donate $25.00.  4000 may sound like a lot – but it’s only a very small portion of the more than 100,000 community members that we annually serve.  The goal is 4000 community supporters donating $25.00 each to help us reach our financial goal of $100,000 in 25 days.

If you truly believe in the Black Ensemble Theater and all we do in nourishing and strengthening our community, if you believe in equity and inclusion and creating a better world of respect, acceptance and understanding, if you believe as we do that there is no place for racism in our world, then you will be a participant in our 25 dollar and 25 days campaign.  I hope that as a Black Ensemble Theater community member you will share with us by donating your $25.00 today.

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