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More Than a Maid-A Tribute to Hattie McDaniel
Written by Viola Bennett

What does it mean for a black actress to play a maid today? For struggling actress Jocelyn Gerald, the answer lies in looking at the life and career of the first black woman to win an Oscar for playing a maid, Hattie McDaniel. To Jocelyn’s annoyance, Hattie McDaniel visits her and is intent on proving to Jocelyn that she is a strong black woman. Featuring a mix of jazz, blues, and modern R&B music, More Than a Maid shines a light on the many accomplishments and hardships Hattie McDaniel endured while making a name for herself in Hollywood.


What You See is What You Get – The Flip Wilson Story
Written by Jill Ross

It’s been said that comedy is born out of pain, and Crelow “Flip” Wilson Jr., had his fair share of both. Born into poverty in Jersey City, his mother abandoned the family, which began a tortured history of abuse as he was placed in numerous foster homes, ultimately landing him in a reform school.
This story of triumph, overcoming the odds, hard work, and how one man pushed past his pain to become the consummate entertainer. Flip Wilson evolves from the “Chitlin’ Circuit” to having a prime-time television variety show. We also meet some of the talented people he met and worked with along the way.


Tammi Terrell: Her Trials and Triumphs
Written by Lillian Mitchum

Tammi Terrel inspired to become a bigger than life star. She loved to sing and perform every since she was a little girl. One of the most important people in her journey was Marvin Gaye who help her to achieve her goals. Although her life was short lived, she accomplished her dream and became a star.


The Phyllis Hyman Story
Written by Reginald Williams

“The Phyllis Hyman Story” is a musical journey through the career of an extraordinarily talented and gifted singer and performer depicting her musical triumphs, personal struggles, and untimely death.


Disco Heat-A Tribute to Sylvester
Written by Dwight Neal

Before musical stars like Lil’ Nas X that came out as LGBTQ+, a musical genius named Sylvester was paved the way as a leader in the LGBTQ movement. With Disco hits like “Mighty Real” and ‘Do You Wanna Funk”, This flamboyant international superstar made sure that not only did he lead the way but fought to make sure that others in his community felt safe and knew that they were not alone. We pay tribute to Sylvester who helped to create a style that incorporated disco and gospel and making it Mighty Real!