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Naming Opportunities

The Studio Theater $2,000,000

The Studio Theater

The Studio Playhouse at the new Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center is the theater that will have 150 comfortable, movable seats, a center section and a gradual movable, stacked slope towards the stage to generate the classic theater ambiance. All seating and platforms will be fully movable for complete versatility of performances. The Studio Playhouse will be given the name specified by the donor and will be permanently recognized outside the entrance to the Studio Playhouse and on marketing materials.

Main Lobby (Polk Bros Foundation) $1,000,000

Main Lobby (Polk Bros Foundation)

As the first impression of the inside of the new Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center, the lobby will be a spacious 2,500 square-foot area where audiences mingle and enjoy unique artwork, as well as photographic and display memorabilia of past and current Black Ensemble Theater productions.

Rooftop Terrace $1,000,000

Rooftop Terrace

This charming rooftop terrace is located above the second floor and extends over the foot print of the second floor lobby. The rooftop garden is accessible by elevator and can be used for receptions and other elegant events.

Upstairs Lobby And Balcony To The Main Theater (Allstate) $500,000

Upstairs Lobby And Balcony To The Main Theater (Allstate)

The 68 seat balcony of the New Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center will complement the Main Stage and provide great viewing and acoustics for the ensemble music filled performances. This area will receive a great deal of visibility.

Rehearsal Studio And Educational Center $500,000

Rehearsal Studio And Educational Center

The Rehearsal Studio and Educational Center will serve as the Black Ensemble Cultural Center's hub for training programs for actors, artists and musicians. This adaptable space provides community-based organizations with a studio that can be used to further develop scripts, musical scores and small-scale productions.

Costume Production Center $300,000

Costume Production Center

The Costume Production Center at the New Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center will be a marked improvement over the current facility. Efficiently organized and well lit, the Costume Production Center will be capable of serving large cast shows completely internally. Storage space will allow the Black Ensemble Theater to maintain a sufficient inventory of costumes.

Founder's Office $300,000

Founder's Office

Jackie Taylor is the founder and President of the Black Ensemble Theater. Her office will serve as a central area for artistic design and creativity for Black Ensemble Theater productions.

Board And Community Conference Room$250,000

Board And Community Conference Room

The executive committee, other committees of the Board of Trustees and auxiliary volunteer bodies and gatherings of staff and artists will be possible in the board room. This room will also be available for use by the arts community when not in use by the Black Ensemble.

Box Office (Chicago Community Trust) $250,000

Box Office (Chicago Community Trust)

The Box office is the hub for all information and ticket sales for Black Ensemble Theater.

Wall of Fame $250,000

Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame will be located within the Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center Lobby and will list donors of $250,000 or more, while displaying past pictorial history of Black Ensemble productions.

Production Both $150,000

Production Both

Lighting, sound, and stage management staff for productions in the Theater and the main stage to execute the successful operation of a show from the production booth.

4-Seat Box In Loft $150,000

4-Seat Box In Loft

Bridging the main floor and the balcony will be two private 4-seat boxes, providing an excellent view of the main stage.

Green Room $150,000

Green Room

The green room is the place where actors congregate while not on stage.Outfitted with comfortable seating, the room will meet all the needs of the waiting actors.

Dressing Rooms (6) $100,000

Dressing Rooms (6)

The theater will have six dressing rooms three that accommodate two to three people and three that are big enough for five or more people, which can be named for $100,000 each. All of which provide a vast improvement in terms of the quality and quantity of the services provided to actors.

Coat Room $75,000

Coat Room

The coat room will be used to store coats and umbrellas during performances and other events held at the Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center. This room offers great visibility for donors.

Elevator Landing (2) $50,000

Elevator Landing (2)

The theater will be equipped with an elevator that will service the first level, second level and rooftop terrace. Opportunities are available to name the elevator landings on the first and second levels.

Concession Stand (1) $25,000

Concession Stand (1)

The theater will have two concession stands that will serve beverages and refreshments for theater patrons. The concession stands will offer donors great exposure as it is one of the areas in the theater with ample traffic throughout the year for performances and other events held at the venue.

Television Monitors (4) $25,000

Television Monitors (4)

Television monitors will be mounted on the walls in the lobby's and common areas of the Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center. The monitors will be used to broadcast images of sponsor logos and other information.

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NOTE: The Black Ensemble Next Stage Campaign Recognition Program is subject to the finalization of design plans and specifications for the Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center. In the event of a change in the design plans, donors will be offered comparable recognition in the Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center.