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Capital Campaign

For thirty-four years, Black Ensemble (BE) has been producing plays with severe space constraints and insuffecient technical abilities.  The current theater does not have adequate acoustics for BE productions, and it prohibits creativity in scenic and lighting designs.  Additionally, the current theater does not provide ample space for rehearsals, and, because it is a shared building, BE faces multiple obstacles in scheduling productions.  Simply put: the New Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center will enable us to radically increase the scope and scale of our work.

Demands for Services

The current theater is not large enough to accommodate BE's growing audience base and need for longer-running productions.  In addition, we are extremely limited in our ability to expand the depth, breadth and reach of our educational outreach programs for underserved communities.  The current space does not reflect the excellence in programming that BE produces, both on and off stage.

Economic Development

BE will provide consistent employment for local theater artists, and with increased foot traffic from theater-goers, it is only natural that new restaurants and other retail establishments will open in Uptown, providing employment opportunities for the community while stimulating the local economy.  In addition, with BE's diverse audience base, the Cultural center will ensure that the integrity and multi-cultural identity of the neighborhood remain intact.

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